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Types of asbestos survey

Contego Services can undertake a number of different types of asbestos surveys, as well as Health and Safety Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, and Combined Assessments.

Asbestos Management Survey (Presumptive)

Note: Although we do carry out presumptive asbestos management surveys, we would, in almost all cases, recommend that clients undertake a sampling asbestos management survey.

The purpose of the presumptive asbestos management survey is to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect asbestos containing materials in the building and assess their condition.

An experienced, well-trained surveyor, familiar with the range of asbestos products, can usually, by inspection alone, say that a material can be ‘presumed’ to contain asbestos.

However, it much more difficult for asbestos surveyors to presume that some materials do not contain asbestos. Many materials such as vinyl floor tiles have exactly the same appearance whether they contain asbestos or not.

This means that a presumptive survey may well list many materials that are presumed to contain asbestos that would be eliminated from the asbestos register by laboratory analysis of representative samples of the materials.

A presumptive survey essentially defers the need to sample and analyse for asbestos (or the absence thereof) until a later time prior to any disturbance of the material by demolition, alteration or maintenance.

The duty holder bears the potentially significant additional costs of management for some non asbestos containing materials. Our experience suggests the additional cost of management of the non asbestos containing materials usually outweighs the additional cost of a sampling asbestos management survey with representative sampling of such materials for laboratory analysis.

All areas are accessed and inspected as far as reasonably practicable (eg above false ceilings and inside risers, service ducts, lift shafts, etc) or where not accessible will be presumed to contain asbestos.

Any material which can reasonably be expected to contain asbestos will be presumed to contain asbestos, and where it appears highly likely to contain asbestos, there will be a strong presumption that it does.

Asbestos Management Survey (Sampling)

The purpose and procedures used in a sampling asbestos management survey are the same as for a presumptive survey, except that representative samples are collected and analysed for the presence of asbestos. Samples from each type of suspect ACM found are collected and analysed to confirm or refute the surveyor’s judgement.

If the material sampled is found to contain asbestos, other similar homogeneous materials used in the same way in the building can be strongly presumed to contain asbestos.

Less homogeneous materials will require a greater number of samples. The number should be sufficient for the surveyor to make an assessment of whether asbestos is or is not present.

Sampling may take place simultaneously with the survey, or as in the case of some larger surveys, can be carried out as a separate exercise, after the presumptive survey is complete.

We always recommend sampling asbestos managementsurveys as the additional cost of representative sampling means the dutyholder has a definitive report on all accessible asbestos containing materials.

This means the non-asbestos materials determined from laboratory analysis can be eliminated from the management plan, reducing the cost of future management arrangements.

Pre-Demolition/Refusbishment Asbestos Survey

This type of asbestos survey is used to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, all asbestos containing materials in the building prior to demolition or major alteration.

The inspection will involve destructive inspection, as necessary, to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach.

This typically involves breaking open ceilings floors, partitions and internal boxing. It can also mean removing part of a roof covering that would affect the integrity of the roof covering.

A full sampling programme is undertaken to identify possible asbestos containing materials and estimates of the volume and surface area of asbestos containing materials is made.

The Pre-Demolition/Refurbishment asbestos survey is designed to be used as a basis for tendering the removal of asbestos containing materials from the building prior to the demolition or major refurbishment so the survey does not assess the condition of the asbestos, other than to note areas of damage or where additional asbestos debris may be expected to be present.

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